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Dylan Kelleher-Griffiths reveals what life is like on international duty

Monday 20th March 2023

While Pontypool have been playing for points in the WRU Admiral National Championship and marching into the last four of the WRU Championship Cup, young prop Dylan Kelleher-Griffiths has been representing Wales at the U20 Six Nations.

He has started all five games in the tournament and has been enjoying the opportunity to fight for international honours.

He has had his eye on this competition for a while and has had fellow Pooler front row Sam Scarfe to keep him company in the international camp.

While many supporters will have tuned in to watch the games on TV or even travelled to watch the next generation of Welsh talent live, the majority of fans probably won’t understand everything that goes on behind-the-scenes to get players ready for the all-important 80 minutes.

Dylan gave us a small glimpse of what life is like on a matchday.

“Playing for Wales has been a different routine to normal because of match times and travelling,” revealed Kelleher-Griffiths.

“The day starts with a small breakfast with regular snacks in between main meals.

“After lunch we meet to recap lineout structure, etc and later it’s onto strapping and getting focused for the game, this is a relaxing part of the day conserving all of our energy.

“When it is time to leave all of the team are on the bus and in their own zone, psyching themselves up ready for action.”

“Playing for Wales U20s has been my ambition since I was young and during the last two years it has been my absolute goal.

“Last December I had a call to join the extended squad, I wasn’t expecting it but was hoping for it as I had worked extremely hard. To then make the team was fantastic.

“I know a lot of the boys in the squad and, of course, Sam Scarfe plays front row with me at Pontypool so we have a very good bond.

“It was great to have him alongside me and to integrate with the rest of the boys.

“It has been an absolute honour to represent Wales and for me to start all five games has been unreal.

“Byron [Hayward] and the coaches have been everything we could ask for to help us achieve the results we so desperately wanted.

“The roar of the crowd and support from everyone has been immense.”

With the competition now over, focus will switch back to club rugby with plenty left to fight for this season.

“Playing for Pontypool this season has been amazing,” he said.

“The guidance and support I have had from the team and coaches has been pivotal in my progression and I can’t thank them enough.”


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