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Powell reveals secret to trademark runs

Thursday 11th May 2023

Mathew Powell revealed the trick to his trademark jinking runs that Pontypool fans have become used to seeing often this season.

The winger, who made his debut at the end of last season, has been a constant menace for opposition defences with his stop-start runs and his ability to evade challenges.

There is an air of anticipation whenever he gets his hands on the ball because he can always produce the unexpected and the 28-year-old has lifted the lid on the secret to his success.

“A few people ask me ‘how do you do it?’ I don’t even know,” he explained.

“I’m not big enough to just smash them out the way so if I see a gap, I do a bit of a step and then I’m off.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do but for some reason the boys are always inside me so it was nice for Pat to finish it off.

“There was a little joke between me, Deon [Smith] and Scotty [Matthews] that I was going to finish top try scorer.

“I’ve emphasised the point that I didn’t score until Bedwas away so I did have a bit of catching up to do.

“It’s nice to score tries but to create them, especially next year when games are probably going to be tight. To be able to create is a little bit better than just getting on the end of it sometimes.”

Powell added another assist to his record as another trademark run set up Pat Lewis for the try that clinched the bonus point against Beddau last night.

At half time it looked like Pooler might not leave Mount Pleasant Park with the bonus point as they only led 5-0 after a frustrating first half, where a Dai Langdon try had given them the lead.

Beddau remained resolute in defence throughout but Pooler managed to find more gaps in the second half and Deon Smith, Amosa Nove, Lewis and Kelvyn Williams all managed to touch down – with Matthew Jarvis booting four conversions – to secure maximum points.

“They had a good defensive line, fair play,” continued Powell.

“I think we were slow, we’ve been slow to start in games and I think it was the same today.

“We didn’t play the best in the first half but we did well to keep them out.

“We got back into structure in the second half and managed to score couple of good tries and get the bonus point.

“Massive respect to the boys, we’ve only dropped one point – at Neath away.

“To come here is really hard and to get five points is big for us.

“Something people don’t really see for us is that Friday and tonight we’ve kept them out so our defence is going really well and we’re really happy with that.”

Powell echoed Owain Leonard’s comment pre-game, insisting that despite securing promotion the focus in the squad has not dropped with plenty still on the line in the last few games of the season.

“Winning the cup is emotionally draining, knowing that we are going up takes that bit more out of you but the positive we have is we are still unbeaten and the mood in camp is that we can’t lose that record,” said Powell.

“To be promoted after such a long time is great but if you look back it will be we got promoted and we didn’t lose for a full season.

“It’s nice to still have that goal and it’s going to go right until the end to achieve it.”


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