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Management and Staff

Jamie Hallam
Jamie Hallam Club Secretary
Graham Price
Graham Price President
Peter Jeffreys
Peter Jeffreys Executive Chairman
Gill Calder Matthews
Gill Calder Matthews Hospitality Manager
Ray Ruddick
Ray Ruddick Archivist and Statistician
Neil Charles Roberts
Neil Charles Roberts Club Photographer
Jay Bayford
Jay Bayford Head of Communications
Dean Morgan
Dean Morgan Match Day Logistics Manager
Tony Clarke
Tony Clarke Community Outreach Coordinator
Albert Greenhalf
Albert Greenhalf Chief Steward
Andy Giles
Andy Giles Club Assistant
Kyle Greenhalf
Kyle Greenhalf Club Assistant
Rob Davies
Rob Davies Club Assistant
Denise Emmett
Denise Emmett Club Assistant
John Emmett
John Emmett Club Assistant
Zahid Rouf
Zahid Rouf Club Assistant
Sarah Rouf
Sarah Rouf Club Assistant
David Aston
David Aston Club Assistant
Linda Collier
Linda Collier Club Assistant
Gerald Williams
Gerald Williams Club Assistant
Melissa Calder Matthews
Melissa Calder Matthews Club Assistant
Debra Davies
Debra Davies Club Assistant
Steve Joy
Steve Joy Club Assistant
David Lane
David Lane Club Assistant
Tony Williams
Tony Williams Club Assistant
Christopher Bainton
Christopher Bainton Club Assistant